Baby Giraffe Quilt

In our group at work we had one pregnant lady  after the other, My friend Simone said that there was something in the water haha. Who could have known that it would be my turn soon after…

Back to this quilt. My colleague Maureen and I make quilts for each baby. This time the mom did not want to find out the gender. That meant I had to find something gender neutral. We agreed on this cute pattern called Giraffe Love by Lorna from SewFreshQuilts.


In the end the mom could no longer wait and she is having a girl :). The pattern was fun to make and easy to follow. The cutting takes the longest but once you have all pieces done it comes together quickly.

Mom loved the quilt 🙂 and we hope that baby will love it too one day.


House and Garden Quilt

During one of the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild meeting we looked at some orphan blocks. Everybody could just take them and come up with something new.


I picked the house blocks and took them home where they sat for a while. Then I put them up on my design wall where they stayed for a while. I added the grey strip to imitate a gravel road and waited for inspiration. One day I started this flower quilt and decided to incorporate them.  My dream is to have one day a house that is surrounded by flowers. Right now it is snow instead, sigh.


I am looking forward to finding the right backing and then the never ending question- how to quilt it. I am tired of straight-line quilting. This year I  will try and be more courageous with my quilting. Let’s see how that goes!

Pleated Girl’s Purse

I have a little girl who is not that little anymore – but that is a different story 🙂 She loves to “hide” all her toys in all kind of bags, boxes or spaces she can get her hands on. It is the perfect reason to try out a bag pattern. I decided to try the one pattern you can find on Crystal’s blog “Stitched”.


So I picked a red floral print and I was able to finish this bag quickly.  I added a big wooden button but I am sure you could use velcro instead or a snap button, if you wish.


I am debating to make a couple more of the bags in different patterns and maybe even sizes. Somebody was very happy that day….


This quilt was absolutely fun to make. A friend at the Edmonton Modern Quilt Gilde had the book “The Improv Handbook for the Modern Quilter” by Sherri Lynn Wood and I was fascinated.

Do you find it hard to randomly cut up your fabric? I was laughing at myself as I was standing over the fabric I had picked for the project called floating squares. Why was that so hard? I had no idea but once I started it was liberating!

You sew pieces together that “feel right” and one little piece slowly but surely gets bigger and bigger. Since I cut the pieces up fairly small, there was a lot of sewing involved but no matching up of seams required. This is totally suitable for a quilter’s beginner.

My colour choice was inspired by some Retro pictures I saw a couple days earlier and the longer I worked on this project the better I liked it. I started with three colours: mustard yellow, orange and a dark brown.



Then I slowly added some light blue pieces.


Here with still wonky sides. You can see the blue pieces coming in and how I added fewer yellow pieces to the right part of the quilt.


My daughter could not resist sitting on the quilt top as I was trying to take a picture haha.


Once I was done I added a border that resembles that of a painting.

32315287294_b552c17edd_z (1)

I would love to hang this up on a wall as a piece of art but I have not yet found the right spot.


Kissing Coin Quilt

When I started quilting I discovered the tutorials from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Jenny who is presenting them sucks you right into the world of quilting and shows easy ways to start and finish your quilts, An addiction was born. I picked the Kissing Coins pattern and went to work.

I ordered some Anna Maria Horner fabric and begann my work.

This is what I had finished at some point:


I love how colourful this turned out to be. I am usually not that adventurous with my colour combinations. There is hope for me after all.

I am currently working on the actual quilting. I hope I have this UFO done in the first quarter – I need to be realistic with my goals since my tiny baby does require most of my attention these days.

Herb Pillow Cases


I cannot believe it took me this long to post about the herb pillow cases I sew for  Prairie Tough Farms. Simone is growing herbs and flowers in Alberta. Everything that can survive the tough weather in Alberta which means: wind, rain, hot hot days and some more rain. Last year we started the season hot and then somehow there was a lot of rain. We did not even have to worry about our lawn for the three weeks we were gone.

Simone runs Prairie Tough Farms and harvests her own herbs that are pesticide free and herbicide free. The herbs then dry and get mixes with some organic spelt hulls before they make their way into the herb pillows. I simply made the outer pillows using organic fabric from Cloud9 that Simone picked in blue and dark blue/purplish.

Here is proof of some late night sewing and a pile of finished pillow cases.


I keep my own herb pillow in my sewing room and smell it every once in a while. I do love the smell of herbs and cannot wait for summer to come back.

Check out Simone’s website to read more about her work and of course her herb pillows at: Prairie Tough Farms.

See you!

Cathedral Window Mosaics

Oh I do love to play around with colours and Rachel from Stitched in Color is hosting another mosaic contest.

The idea is to find some colours that remind you of cathedral windows and this is what I came up with.

Too bad that I am on a fabric-purchase-hold because I made the mistake of starting a budget. This fabric is so pretty *sigh*.

Have a good night everyone!