Herb Pillow Cases


I cannot believe it took me this long to post about the herb pillow cases I sew for  Prairie Tough Farms. Simone is growing herbs and flowers in Alberta. Everything that can survive the tough weather in Alberta which means: wind, rain, hot hot days and some more rain. Last year we started the season hot and then somehow there was a lot of rain. We did not even have to worry about our lawn for the three weeks we were gone.

Simone runs Prairie Tough Farms and harvests her own herbs that are pesticide free and herbicide free. The herbs then dry and get mixes with some organic spelt hulls before they make their way into the herb pillows. I simply made the outer pillows using organic fabric from Cloud9 that Simone picked in blue and dark blue/purplish.

Here is proof of some late night sewing and a pile of finished pillow cases.


I keep my own herb pillow in my sewing room and smell it every once in a while. I do love the smell of herbs and cannot wait for summer to come back.

Check out Simone’s website to read more about her work and of course her herb pillows at: Prairie Tough Farms.

See you!


Cathedral Window Mosaics

Oh I do love to play around with colours and Rachel from Stitched in Color is hosting another mosaic contest.

The idea is to find some colours that remind you of cathedral windows and this is what I came up with.

Too bad that I am on a fabric-purchase-hold because I made the mistake of starting a budget. This fabric is so pretty *sigh*.

Have a good night everyone!




Sew Day

We had a Sew Day with the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild and Angie brought these wonderful croissants in.


There is no better way to start your sewing day, right?

Back to Business:

I started on this Baby Quilt for my US colleague who just had his first baby. It is all about Hearts and the kid version of the US flag.


Isn’t this the cutest little machine you have ever seen? Shalene brought it in because it is nice and easy to carry around. I fell for it and a couple of weeks later I bought my own used machine. More later on that.


Michelle was working on this Stamp Quilt she picked up in New York.


Pam finished her tablerunner. Nice job!


Wendy was fighting her way through this quilt, the pattern and the fabric. Somehow she did not have the greatest start but the finish was worth it. What a stunning quilt!


Angie was working on several projects but I did not take anymore pictures. I was afraid I would not get anything done.


I think we were pretty successful and had fun. I cannot wait for the next one!

I had to finish this one at home – I blame it on the croissants…..



…and yes it has Canadian flags on the outside borders. I simply could not resist.

Fabric Trays


I saw this very cute tutorial on A Spoonful of Sugar and decided to use some of my charm pack fabrics to try them out.

It is possible that I am now addicted to make these little gems. My sweet child is using it to sort her beads or to keep her hair clips.

I keep them in my sewing room to keep small pieces of fabric or my bobbins. One of them is on my nightstand and I store my earrings in them when I go to bed.


A lovely blue that reminds me of the beach vacation we had in Germany this year!


Sorry I have to leave and may or may not be preparing some halloween versions of these trays.

See you soon!

Dog gone Cute meets Paw Patrol


There is a girl who is the biggest Dog fan I have ever met. She has two dogs at home named Molly and Baxter and they are black. Molly is going a bit grey and she has a little bit of white in her coat. No way I could pick a different colour for the dogs. The pattern is from Sew Fresh Quilts and she did a Quilt along a while ago but the instructions are on her website.

So I ordered the Paw Patrol fabric because the birthday girl just knows everything there is to know about Paw Patrol. I love her Chickaletta she carries around everywhere 🙂

Then the fabric sat.

I stared at the bright red paw patrol fabric and had no clue what to add to it. Pokemon as a border definitely helped brighten it up. But is a very busy pattern 🙂

I figured if I simply ignore all quilting rules, I will be just fine. After all this is a present for a six year old and as long as she is happy, I am happy.

Isn’t he adorable?


Then I forced my hubby outside to quickly take some pictures before we wrapped it and gave it away. Bye bye puppies, you have a good home now 🙂

See you soon!


Dreaming at dusk

Stitched in Color has another contest playing with colours and showing your interpretation of dusk.

For me it is something that should have green, yellow and pink in it. Almost like stepping into a real early spring morning just before the sun comes up, preferably with a cup of tea or coffee in my hand and a nice blanket around my shoulder. Early Birds chirping and the promise of a warm day.




Bright Kitty Quilt


I cut the pieces about 2 years ago and then put them in a box. To be forgotten until I rearranged my sewing space. Originally it had all the white rectangles with cats, balloons and slippers and the rest was pink. Too much pink.

So I decided to add different colours and I prefer this colour scheme.


For the backing I used some left over blocks and some very soft flannelette in bright colours. Birdie was only mildly interested. I cannot blame her since she already has more quits than she actually uses. So this one will be sold or given to charity.


The picture was take a day before the big downpour we had just yesterday. Together with sunshine it created a beautiful rainbow. Too bad I could not find my camera and the dinner was bubbling away on the stove.


See you soon.