Herb Pillow Cases


I cannot believe it took me this long to post about the herb pillow cases I sew for  Prairie Tough Farms. Simone is growing herbs and flowers in Alberta. Everything that can survive the tough weather in Alberta which means: wind, rain, hot hot days and some more rain. Last year we started the season hot and then somehow there was a lot of rain. We did not even have to worry about our lawn for the three weeks we were gone.

Simone runs Prairie Tough Farms and harvests her own herbs that are pesticide free and herbicide free. The herbs then dry and get mixes with some organic spelt hulls before they make their way into the herb pillows. I simply made the outer pillows using organic fabric from Cloud9 that Simone picked in blue and dark blue/purplish.

Here is proof of some late night sewing and a pile of finished pillow cases.


I keep my own herb pillow in my sewing room and smell it every once in a while. I do love the smell of herbs and cannot wait for summer to come back.

Check out Simone’s website to read more about her work and of course her herb pillows at: Prairie Tough Farms.

See you!


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